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Born in Cody Wyoming and raised in Hamilton Montana, the vocal power house WARPONY was shaped and molded by humble country living. Her roots were deeply influenced by her musical prodigy grandparents Hope and Lloyd Sheets. Their jazz band who she sang all the greatest jazz standards for from the early age of two, heavily influenced her sound to always portray depth, color, and emotional melodies. After moving to Montana at age of 14, she started playing and writing her own music. Her performances showcase her free spirit and undeniable ability to penetrate someones soul with her catchy hooks and heartfelt lyrics. From the Isles of Scotland the honky Tonks of Nashville, she's performed in several bands and venues. She has an effortless ability to bring soulfulness to any kind of sound and has mastered multiple genres along her journey as a songwriter and recording artist.  Known for putting on a killer high energy show, she always keeps her audience captivated by her raw authenticity, humor, and prestigious quality of music. Now based in Missoula, Montana she has formed what people are calling a "superband." Honored to perform her songs alongside Montana's finest musicians, her journey is only beginning. Raised on elk steak and Ella Fitzgerald, WARPONY's sound will fill you with a feeling of soulful nostalgia, and rugged Montana pride. 

         "Whatever it is, make it sexy, and make it soul." - WARPONY


From mountain soul, to jazzy funk, imma artist, imma punk. I write soul songs and sing them too. Words of madness, flavored old and new. An outspoken mountain beast from the farmstead. A loose canon in the streets, but a mystique in the bed. Don't need to do the cancan to steal the show, I'm guna take over town in just my buffalo robe. I'll go to war for my soul on my trusty young steed, imma a renaissance rebel, call me WarPony.





"Flowers Bloom" 

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